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Meet Ouiam Amrani: Your Skilled Cosmetic Dentist

My Specialisations:

With a career spanning over a decade, my passion and expertise lie at the intersection of cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics. A significant portion of my practice is devoted to mastering and innovating within the realm of composite bonding, a technique that has revolutionised the way we enhance and perfect smiles. As a qualified Invisalign provider, I blend orthodontic solutions with nuanced composite bonding applications to address a wide array of dental imperfections, ensuring each composite bonding smile makeover is as unique as the individuals who entrust their care to me.

Core Areas of Expertise:

Direct Composite Bonding: This technique involves the skilful application of tooth-coloured resin directly to the tooth. It is ideal for minor cosmetic bonding enhancements such as closing gaps, repairing chips, or creating a more uniform appearance. My approach focuses on achieving a seamless integration with the natural tooth, enhancing aesthetics while preserving tooth structure.

Indirect Composite Veneers:

For more comprehensive smile transformations, I employ composite veneers for crooked teeth, cracks, chips and discolour. This method allows for extensive shape and colour correction, providing a more dramatic yet natural-looking improvement to the smile.

Ouiam Amrani

Cosmetic Dentist and Invisalign Provider

Composite Edge Bonding:

Specifically tailored for refining the silhouette of teeth, teeth edge bonding meticulously adds shape and length to worn or uneven edges. This subtle yet impactful technique can dramatically rejuvenate a smile without the need for extensive dental work.

Composite ‘Inlays’ and ‘Onlays’:

Where traditional fillings might not suffice, I utilise composite inlays and onlays to restore tooth structure lost to decay or damage. These restorations are designed to blend flawlessly with the natural tooth, reinforcing strength while enhancing aesthetics.

Invisalign Clear Aligners:

Complementing my composite bonding services, Invisalign aligners treatments offer a discreet and effective way to correct misalignments, laying the groundwork for a perfectly contoured smile.

Preventive and Minimally Invasive Dentistry:

My foundational commitment to preserving natural tooth structure informs all aspects of my work, ensuring that every procedure, from tooth-coloured fillings to more complex restorations, is performed with the utmost care and precision.

My Commitment to Excellence:

Over the years, my dedication to the art and science of dentistry has driven me to seek out advanced training and stay updated with the latest techniques and materials in composite bonding. This commitment ensures that I can offer my patients the most effective, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting solutions to their dental concerns. By focusing on the detailed nuances of composite bonding, I aim to not only transform smiles but also to restore confidence and improve the overall quality of life for my patients. My practice is a testament to the belief that with the right combination of technical skill, artistic vision, and innovative materials, the possibilities for creating the perfect smile are limitless. When seeking the best place for composite bonding, look no further than Complete Smiles.

Best Composite Bonding London

  • Ideal for Repairing Chips, Cracks, or Discoloration
  • A Reliable Choice for Instant Smile Enhancements
  • Suitable for Various Tooth Imperfections
  • Offers Quick Procedure with Immediate Results
  • A Practical Step Towards Improved Dental Appearance

Step-By-Step Process for Composite Bonding


Initial Consultation & Financial Discussion

Start your composite bonding journey at Complete Smiles with a complimentary consultation. We assess dental health and aesthetics, discuss your goals, and openly discuss composite bonding price in London along with financing options, aligning the treatment with your budget and expectations.


Personalised Treatment Planning

Post-financial discussion, we create a customised plan for your composite bonding. This includes detailing the number of teeth involved, aesthetic objectives, and the procedure timeline, ensuring you're well-informed every step of the way.


The Bonding Procedure

Typically a single-visit process, our dentists skillfully apply and sculpt composite resin for teeth, hardening it with special light. Adjustments ensure the bonding blends seamlessly in appearance and feel.


Refinement and Polishing

Post-application, we refine and polish the bonded teeth, focusing on a natural and comfortable finish.


Final Review and Care Instructions

Concluding the procedure, we review the results, offer care advice for your bonded teeth, and schedule a follow-up to ensure satisfaction and treatment longevity.


Ongoing Support and Check-ups

Our commitment extends beyond the treatment. Regular check-ups ensure the lasting appearance and health of your composite bonding.

Types of Composite Bonding

At Complete Smiles, we understand that each smile is unique. That’s why we offer a variety of composite bonding options to cater to different dental concerns and aesthetic goals. Let’s look into the types of composite bonding treatments available to you in our London clinic:

Single Tooth Composite Bonding

Ideal for addressing minor imperfections on a single tooth, this treatment focuses on repairing chips, cracks, or discolouration in individual teeth. Single teeth bonding in London is a popular choice for those seeking a quick and effective cosmetic fix.

Multi-Tooth Composite Bonding

For those looking to improve the uniformity and overall appearance of their smile, multi-tooth composite bonding in London is an excellent choice. This procedure involves applying composite material to multiple teeth, perfect for addressing widespread discolouration, minor misalignments, or gaps.

Cosmetic Reshaping and Contouring

This technique combines the application of composite material with the reshaping of your natural teeth. It's particularly effective for adjusting tooth length, shape, or surface imperfections, resulting in a more desirable and balanced smile. Cosmetic reshaping and contouring are often chosen for their ability to produce significant aesthetic improvements with minimal intervention.

Repairing Worn Teeth

For teeth that have been worn down due to grinding or erosion, composite bonding offers a restorative solution. By applying composite resin to the affected teeth, we can restore their original shape and functionality. This not only improves the aesthetics of your smile but also helps in maintaining a healthy bite alignment.

Book your consultation with London composite bonding experts, and let us guide you towards achieving the smile you've always wanted with the right dental bonding option for you.

Bond Dental London Simplified with 0% Financing

Partnering with Chrysalis Finance for Your Composite Bonding

We are pleased to collaborate with Chrysalis Finance, specialists in healthcare financial solutions, to offer an interest-free payment plan for your dental bonding in london. After your consultation at Complete Smiles, you’ll be presented with a tailored treatment and payment plan. Our efficient application process ensures quick finance approval, making your journey towards an enhanced smile as smooth as possible. Our team is always available to provide additional information and support.

Representative Example: *For composite bonding on 6 upper teeth, the total credit amount is £1,450. This can be repaid in 6 monthly instalments of £241.67, with a representative 0% APR. This example is based upon the average composite bonding cost in London i.e £1,450, repayable over a 6-month period.

Eligibility is contingent upon status. Terms and conditions are in effect

Composite Bonding: Before & After Showcase

Explore the transformative power of Composite Bonding in our gallery. See real results of how this quick procedure can beautifully reshape and enhance smiles, all performed by our experts at Complete Smiles.

Curious about Composite Bonding?

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Your Composite Bonding Treatment Guide: Dos and Don'ts


  • Regular dental check-ups are crucial to maintain the health and appearance of your bonded teeth.
  • Incorporate gentle brushing and flossing into your daily routine to keep the bonded area clean and healthy.
  • Use a straw for beverages that may stain (like coffee, tea, or red wine) to maintain the brightness of the bonding.
  • Report any issues or discomfort related to the bonding to our dental team promptly.
  • Be mindful of the foods you eat, especially in the first few days after the procedure, opting for softer options.


  • Avoid biting directly into hard foods (like apples or nuts) that can potentially chip the bonding material.
  • Stay away from habits like nail-biting or pen-chewing, which can damage the composite material.
  • Limit intake of stain-inducing foods and drinks to prevent discolouration of the bonding.
  • Refrain from using tobacco products, which can stain both natural teeth and composite bonding.
  • Do not use your teeth as tools (to open packages, etc.), as this can put undue pressure on the bonded areas.

At Complete Smiles, our Composite Bonding process is marked by meticulous attention to detail and artistic precision. Ideal for a range of cosmetic corrections, from minor chips to significant reshaping, each bonding in London treatment is customised to meet your unique dental goals. The procedure involves a careful assessment, precise application of the bonding material, and expert sculpting to achieve a natural look. Post-procedure, you’ll receive specific care instructions, ensuring your enhanced smile remains beautiful and durable.

The Composite Bonding Pathway at Complete Smiles

Key Phases of Recovery and Adaptation for Composite Bonding

Immediate Post-Procedure Period: First 24 Hours

Following your composite bonding treatment at Complete Smiles, the initial 24 hours are crucial for ensuring optimal bonding and setting. Expect some sensitivity in the treated area. To manage this, avoid consuming extremely hot or cold foods and beverages. It’s essential to adhere to a gentle oral care routine, avoiding vigorous brushing on the newly bonded teeth. This short but significant period is key to the stability and appearance of your composite bonding.

Week One: Adapting to Your Enhanced Smile

As you progress through the first week, any initial sensitivity should diminish, allowing you to comfortably adapt to your enhanced smile. During this time, it’s important to continue avoiding hard or chewy foods that might put undue pressure on the bonding. This is also an ideal time to assess the aesthetics and feel of your bonding, ensuring it aligns well with your bite and looks natural.

Long-term Care and Maintenance

Composite bonding doesn’t require as lengthy a healing period as implants, but long-term care is crucial for maintaining its appearance and integrity. Regular dental check-ups are important for assessing the condition of the bonding. Good oral hygiene practices, coupled with avoiding habits like biting nails or chewing on pens, will help preserve the bonding’s longevity. Remember, while composite bonding is durable, it may require eventual touch-ups or replacements, making ongoing care a vital aspect of your dental health routine.



What is Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure using resin to improve teeth’ appearance, tackling chips, cracks, discolouration, and gaps. At Complete Smiles, we apply resin directly to teeth, perfectly blending it for a natural look, enhancing your smile quickly and effectively”

Does Composite Bonding Hurt?

No, composite bonding at Complete Smiles is a pain-free procedure. It doesn’t involve altering the tooth structure significantly, so there’s usually no need for anaesthesia, making it a comfortable option for enhancing your smile”​

How Long Does the Composite Bonding Process Takes at Complete Smile?

The duration of composite bonding depends on the number of teeth and the extent of work. At Complete Smiles, even extensive treatments can be completed in a single appointment, offering a fast and efficient way to perfect your smile”​

How Long Will Composite Bonding Last?

With proper care, composite bonding at Complete Smiles can last several years. While durable, we advise avoiding hard biting and maintaining good oral hygiene to extend the life of your bonded teeth”

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