Why Should you Visit a Dental Hygienist Every 6 Months?


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The majority of patients, regardless of whether they’ve been keeping their dentist appointments or not, need to visit a dental hygienist sooner or later. The sooner, of course, the better. Mainly if you haven’t seen a dentist in North London recently, you would likely have tar build-up or staining, which would require treatment.

If you’re like most of us, visiting a dentist is still a frightening experience, but not seeing a dentist can turn out to be expensive, time-consuming, and could end up requiring multiple dental visits for treatment.

You might be wondering what a dental hygienist is and whether you should visit a hygienist.


Who is a Dental Hygienist?

A dental hygiene treatment helps you in preventing gum diseases and provides required treatments that enhance gum health. Both your dentist and a dental hygienist work together to keep your teeth, gums, and mouth healthy, but there are a few key differences between a regular dentist and a hygienist.

Dental hygienists focus on preventing dental and gum problems and improving the overall dental health of patients. On the other hand, a dentist examines the condition of your teeth and mouth, performs minor surgeries, prescribes medication, and offers dental treatments.

Dental hygienists offer a targeted scope of care to their patients. When you walk into a dental hygienist’s office, you can be sure of receiving patient-specific services that are tailored to suit your particular needs. They focus on providing information that can help patients maintain good oral health.

Dental hygienists are also trained in charting out a treatment or preventive maintenance plan that focuses on behavioral changes to controlling oral diseases. Since most dental hygienists work in collaboration with dentists, and oral health therapists, they deliver holistically, targeted care to their patients.


What is the Role of a Hygienist?

When you visit your dental hygienist, you can expect them to teeth cleaning and gums thoroughly. The accumulated tartar and plaque on your teeth will be cleaned meticulously.

The dental hygienist will focus specifically on the condition of your gums. If you require fluoride treatments or other preventive measures, they will be undertaken without wasting time.

The hygienist will also give you enough information about maintaining good oral health, effective flossing techniques, brushing methods, and the right products to be used.


Benefits From a Dental Hygienist Appointment


  • Helps you get a Dazzling Smile

The dental hygienist will ensure thorough cleaning of your teeth, gums, mouth, and tongue, and he/she will look for tooth decay, accumulation of plaque, and tartar. Since the stains are removed effectively, your teeth look cleaner and your smile appears brighter.

  • Fresh Breath

Deep cleaning of your gums and teeth will usually reduce lousy breath. Moreover, the hygienist will also provide you with practical tips and helpful mouthwash suggestions.

  • Enhances Gum Health

One of the reasons for tooth loss is weak gums. Healthy gums support your teeth firmly, keeping them sturdy, functional, and clean. Additionally, gum diseases are also related to many general health conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke, and more.

  • Prevents Regular Dentist Appointments

A dental hygienist will reduce the number of dentist appointments you might keep. Since your teeth will be getting all the necessary attention and care it needs from the hygienist, you can reduce the number of regular dental check-ups.

  • Effective Oral Cancer Screening

A dental hygienist focuses on preventing gum diseases and screening for oral cancer symptoms too. Early detection of symptoms helps in early management and treatment.


Wrapping Up

Dental hygienists will also provide you with complete information on brushing, cleaning, and flossing techniques. They will help minimize the chances of developing tooth decay and gum diseases.

Besides brushing and flossing daily, make sure to fix an appointment with the best dentist in North London. Your teeth will be brighter, healthier, and cleaner.

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