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Oral health is one of the most critical and sensitive aspects of human life. As they say, it all begins with a smile. To keep a long-lasting smile, you should take extra care of your teeth and gums. This includes proper brushing, flossing, mouthwash, and most importantly, regular check and cleaning of your teeth by a professional and experienced dentist.

When we talk about oral health, it’s not only about the teeth but also about your gums, which hold and grip the teeth. Usually, to keep the gums healthy, you should go for thorough cleaning from a professional dentist from time to time.

Traditionally, the dental cleaning process involves the removal of tartar and plaque around the top and bottom of your gum grafting line. In this, the dentist cleans the teeth and gums by carefully scraping with ultrasonic tools or handheld instruments. Although this helps maintain good oral health, it can be an uncomfortable, painful, and time-consuming process for some.

With innovation and technology, the dental care industry introduced AIRFLOW treatment – a revolutionary method of cleaning teeth and gums. This treatment has dramatically reduced the amount of time spent on the dentist’s chair.


Why is Gum Cleaning so Important?

Your mouth has naturally occurring bacteria that settle down on your gum tissues and teeth in a substance called biofilm, better known as plaque.

By regular brushing and flossing, you can restrict biofilm growth in your mouth. But if you do not follow good oral hygiene practices, the gums and teeth can accumulate biofilm.

Professional cleaning is highly effective in removing biofilm, leading to cavities, teeth and gum diseases, and various other health problems. The AIRFLOW treatment is considered the most effective and efficient way the management of biofilm.


What is AIRFLOW Treatment and How Does It Work?

AIRFLOW treatment is an advanced and innovative air polishing treatment. It uses a combination of water, air, and specially formulated powders that help to dissolve and remove biofilm from the teeth.

The dentist or periodontist uses a small handheld device to manage a pressurised fluid stream to the gums and teeth.

When applied to the teeth, the mixture helps remove surface stains, tartar, plaque, and any food particles and bacterial deposits in and around the teeth. It can even be sprayed beneath the gums to eliminate disease-causing bacteria without causing any harm to the gingival tissue.


What are The Advantages of AIRFLOW Treatment?

There are several advantages of AIRFLOW treatment over conventional methods of periodontal cleaning. Let us look at some of them:


AIRFLOW is a Fast and Time-Saving Process

Generally, the professional dental cleaning procedure takes 30 to 60 seconds per tooth. In this, dentists use traditional instruments.

In AIRFLOW, the time taken per tooth is around 5 seconds, resulting in saving considerable time taken for the dental cleaning process. If AIRFLOW is done right before the scaling process, the whole procedure is completed 8 to 12 minutes faster than the traditional process.

AIRFLOW also helps in cutting down the usual time in other periodontal procedures. This means you spend less time on the dentist’s chair.


AIRFLOW is an Easy and Comfortable Process

Traditional dental cleaning and polishing treatments are messy, painful, and uncomfortable. In contrast, the AIRFLOW technique is much more manageable and comfortable for the patients.

In AIRFLOW, a warm and soft stream of water gently touches your tooth and gum surfaces, providing better cleaning with minimum discomfort and maximum efficiency.


AIRFLOW is a Safe and Effective Process

The mouth is a hard-to-reach and sensitive area with its limitations, so extreme care is required in traditional dental cleaning processes. AIRFLOW, however, is a much more effective and safer process that reaches out to almost all oral surfaces much more quickly.

Besides gum tissue and tooth enamel, AIRFLOW can also be used on implants, orthodontia, and restorations.


AIRFLOW is an Oral Health-Promoting Process

The specially formulated powders used in the AIRFLOW treatment remove biofilm and tartar and help prevent bacterial growth in the future.

The Erythritol powder used in the AIRFLOW treatment is less abrasive, making it safer for your gum tissues than the coarser powders like sodium bicarbonate. The use of this powder also prevents the bacteria from reproducing, which further stops gum diseases, such as periodontitis or gingivitis.


Who Should I Ask for Trusted and Effective AIRFLOW Treatment?

With growing demand, most advanced dental clinics are offering AIRFLOW treatment. However, you should always look at the background and track record of the dental care centre before deciding to go in for treatment.

Visit Complete Smiles for an AIRFLOW treatment that can help you clean your teeth and gums by removing stains caused by various foods, regular smoking, and consuming drinks, such as red wine, tea, and coffee.

Complete Smiles is one of the UK’s leading dental care centres with a highly qualified and patient-focused team of experienced dentists who understand how important your smile is and the effect it can have on your life.

The AIRFLOW treatment at Complete Smiles will refine your tooth brightness and give you a sparkly fresh and healthy mouth within a few minutes without defacing your teeth.

Notably, AIRFLOW is not a teeth-whitening treatment. It polishes the tooth’s surface by removing any plaque or slight discolouration.


Why Consider Complete Smiles for AIRFLOW Treatment?

Painless treatment: Advanced procedure requiring no scraping tools for digging into your gums.

Recommended for sensitive teeth: Ensure cleaning without vibration, heat, or direct contact.

Save time: Get three times faster cleaning than the traditional method.

Spacious sitting area: Be at ease after your treatment. The center has ample space for patients to sit and relax during pre and post-dental procedures and treatments.

Available 7 days a week, the dentists at Complete Smiles are well-informed and sensitive to patients’ specific requirements. For more information on AIRFLOW, get in touch with us today.

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