What Does Professional Teeth Cleaning Involve?


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Most people are quite apprehensive when it comes to a professional dental cleaning. Strange noises and prodding often make them anxious and hence the apprehension. However thorough your oral hygiene routine is, it is imperative to understand that every individual requires professional dental cleaning, at least twice a year. These regular visits are not only vital for optimal oral health but also lets your dental professional check for any oral health issues if at all. Besides, teeth cleaning is a simple and painless procedure for most.

We have elaborately presented for you what exactly happens during professional teeth cleaning to help ease any concerns.


What to do Before Professional Teeth Cleaning?

Being a rather simple procedure, there isn’t much to prepare before visiting the dentist’s office for teeth cleaning. All you need to do is to maintain your regular oral hygiene. Make sure you have brushed your teeth before the appointment. This will let your dentist focus on deeper and more thorough cleaning.


The Initial Examination

Ideally, a professional teeth cleaning procedure lasts anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending upon your oral condition.

In the first step of the procedure, the dental hygienist will conduct a preliminary oral examination. During this step, they look for any apparent issues by examining your entire mouth thoroughly. If any such issues are found, your dentist will be informed and in case of more serious issues, they may put the entire procedure on hold and will proceed only after consulting with the dentist.


Removal of Plaque and Tartar

Every individual has dental plaque. It is the sticky film that forms on one’s teeth when the bacteria in the mouth mix with the food. Brushing and flossing can remove this plaque, but some of it that accumulate between the teeth and around the gum line is difficult to reach. This plaque hardens over time to form tartar which provides shelter for the living oral bacteria.

Once the plaque has hardened into tartar, only a dental professional can remove it. To gently scrape off this accumulated plaque and tartar, your dental hygienist will use a special tool called a scalar. Sometimes, they might also use an ultrasonic vibrating device to break up the tartar.


Teeth Polishing

Once your hygienist has scraped off, they will polish your teeth using abrasive and gritty toothpaste and a specialised electric toothbrush. You may also be asked to choose the flavor of the gritty paste. The sound of this toothbrush can make you anxious but keep in mind that dental cleanings never hurt.

As well as helping your teeth feel clean and healthy, this polishing of teeth reduces the accumulation of plaque before the next cleaning. Moreover, it also aids in removing the stains on the surface of your teeth, giving you a brighter smile. In case you want your teeth to be even brighter by a shade or two, you might ask about the teeth whitening procedure.


Professional Flossing

By this stage, your dental cleaning process is almost at its end. At this stage, your hygienist will expertly floss your teeth to remove the leftover plaque or toothpaste from earlier in the cleaning process.

If you are wondering, unlike the flossing that you do at your home, here the hygienist can effectively locate the problematic spots where the gums might bleed. They can also get deeper between your teeth.

You may experience bleeding gums during flossing if you are suffering from any form of gum disease.


The Fluoride Treatment

Once you have rinsed out your mouth of any residual debris and polish, your hygienist will apply the fluoride treatment as the last step of the cleaning process.

During this step, your hygienist will make you wear a mouth guard that is filled with a gel or a paste. You will need to keep this mouthpiece on for a minute or so. This fluoride treatment protects your teeth from cavities for several months. Sometimes they might also apply fluoride varnish as an extra layer of protection. This varnish hardens on contact with saliva, letting you eat or drink immediately after the treatment.


Final Examination by the Dentist

Once your teeth cleaning procedure is completed, your dentist will conduct a final oral examination. The purpose of this examination is to look for any signs of tooth decay or any other oral issue for that matter. For instance, your dentist will also look for any issues with your gums such as inflammation and deep pockets.

At this point, you can also ask your dentist any questions you might have.

Depending upon the observations made by your dentist, they might perform other examinations during your visit, if necessary. If no further examinations are required, they will ask you to set up the next visit in six months.

Professional teeth cleaning not only gives you a brighter smile along with maintaining your dental hygiene but also is instrumental in detecting oral health issues in due time before they worsen.


Teeth Cleaning at Complete Smiles

If you too require professional teeth cleaning but are anxious to visit a dentist, we at Complete Smiles are very well used to patients with dental anxiety and have several ways to help you overcome it. We are happy to provide mild sedation during your procedures if necessary. This makes us one of the most trusted dental practices in London.

As well as professional teeth cleaning, we are one of the most renowned dental practices for general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign treatment, and dental implants among others. Our team of highly qualified and experienced dental professionals is committed to improving your oral health.

You can book your appointment online or directly call on 020 4541 1150.

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