What to Anticipate Following a Root Canal


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Why is a Root Canal Required?

Due to decay, repeated dental procedures, big fillings, cracks, or chipped teeth, the nerve and pulp of a tooth may become irritated or infected. If such cases arise, they may lead to infection and the formation of an abscess.

These infections are first treated with antibiotics, but a root canal is required if they do not resolve. A root canal procedure is performed to conserve the teeth or restore the damage. The picture below shows an infection that has formed under a tooth, requiring root canal treatment.


What Happens During a Root Canal?

The tooth’s nerve and pulp are removed during the procedure, and the interior infection is cleaned and sealed. This treatment is crucial because if left untreated, it may cause severe pain and the abscess to spread to the gums. The process may seem scary, but it is done while your gums are being put under anaesthesia. Patients don’t experience any discomfort or agony.

Removal of the pulp is also safe because, after the tooth has come out through the gums, its nerve is not crucial to its health and function. It has just a sensory purpose—to convey a sense of heat or cold. Your tooth will not function differently if it does not have a nerve.

Root canal treatments have the name of being painful, but it is a one-time procedure that relieves you from long-time suffering. Once the process is completed, you will be relieved of the pain and inflammation. The doctors at Complete Smiles will give you the necessary medication and precautions to follow at home, and they will be in touch throughout the recovery period.


After the Root Canal Treatment

If you have never had dental treatment, you might not be sure what to anticipate following your surgery. Although the recovery period following a root canal is shorter than that following a tooth extraction, it may still take some days before you resume feeling “normal.” So, what to expect just after the treatment? Let’s check out some of the frequently asked questions by patients.


How Long Does The Numbness Last From the Procedure?

Local anaesthesia will be used during your root canal procedure to numb the tissue around your tooth and the tooth itself. It may take several hours for this anaesthetic to entirely wear off. Until the numbness goes away, refrain from chewing and drinking hot liquids.


What Will Happen in the Next Few Days?

Post-care after the initial surgical period is crucial. Make sure you are following the steps for the next few days:

  • Keep taking your medicine as directed by the orthodontist.
  • Consume softer foods or liquid diets.
  • Carefully chew on the side of your mouth that was not operated on.
  • Be careful when brushing your teeth.


How Many Days Can I Resume Working After the Treatment?

The root canal treatment is done on an outpatient basis. People often require more than one sitting to complete their treatment. However, no hospitalisation is needed, and people can resume working the next day. The majority of people decide to go back to work after treatment, but if your line of work involves frequent interaction with the public or public speaking, You might want to skip the rest of the day. The anaesthetic’s numbing effect can affect your ability to smile and speak. We can give you a doctor’s note for a day or two off from work if necessary.


How Soon After Having a Root Canal May I Eat or Drink?

Wait until the anaesthesia wears off before consuming hot beverages or foods that require chewing. After that, you can eat whatever you like as long as you stay away from greasy foods and avoid biting or chewing immediately on the treated tooth.


When to Contact Your Doctor?

Although your treated tooth may feel a little different from your other teeth for a while, if you encounter any of the following signs, you should call your endodontist right away:

  • Severe discomfort that persists for more than a few days.
  • Visible swelling in your mouth or elsewhere
  • An adverse drug reaction (rash, hives, or itching)
  • Your bite feels uneven.
  • If the dental filling or temporary crown comes out.
  • The symptoms you had before treatment recur.


Future Precautions

Even if you feel pain-free, don’t skip any additional appointments. Most of the time, the filling utilised in a root canal is only intended for short-term use, and eventually, you will require a crown.

Once you have completed your root canal and follow-up appointments, you will need to return to your orthodontist for a final crown to restore the tooth properly. This appointment is crucial because a tooth adequately cared for can last just as long as your original teeth.


Learn More About the Root Canal Treatment

We know there are many apprehensions about the treatment. Yet, there is nothing to worry about. The doctors at Complete Smiles handle each case with extreme care, and root canal treatment is suggested only after a thorough examination. Patients are administered local anaesthesia to numb the pain, and they are kept for observation in the clinic for a few hours. Once they are discharged, patients are safe to drive home on their own.

Patients are sent off with the required painkillers, mouthwashes, and instructions to follow at home. A follow-up number is also provided in case any complications occur.

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