Should I Go For Metal Braces Or Ceramic Braces?


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We often see people with uneven teeth wearing metal braces. With innovation in orthodontic treatment, braces also have an alternative now. Braces are now available in ceramic, too, giving a choice to orthodontic patients. Recently, dentists in Harrow and North London have started to provide their patients with a choice in braces.

Which braces are better – Metal or Ceramic? We need to look at the pros and cons of both braces.


Metal Braces

Prevalent | Easily Available | Durable | Cost-effective

The Pros

Metal braces are quite durable due to their material, ensuring better hold. However, at times, it may cause discomfort or leave a metallic taste in the mouth. Also, being a bit darker in appearance, the metal braces may prevent discolouration.

The Cons

Metal braces are clearly visible to others due to their material, shade, and size. At times, the food particles get stuck to the braces, which is not a good sight. It’s also challenging to clean for some people, which creates problems in maintaining oral hygiene.


Ceramic Braces

Aesthetically Appealing | Easy to Clean | Non-painful | Expensive Proposition

The Pros

Ceramic braces are a newer and better alternative to metal braces. These braces are aesthetically appealing as it’s translucent in appearance and mixes well with natural teeth colour. Even the connecting wire comes in tooth-complementing colours. These braces are not sharp due to their material, so they don’t harm the gums.

The Cons

Ceramic braces are priced higher than metal braces. In several cases, ceramic braces can take longer than expected to fulfill their purpose. It may also not provide the exact results in terms of teeth structure at times compared to metal braces.


The Conclusion

Both metal and ceramic braces have their pros and cons to consider while choosing. It depends on the patient’s budget and preference which makes all the difference.

While metal braces have been around longer, providing a faster, cost-effective, and more durable choice for teeth structure. The ceramic braces are there to offer an alternative to those who are conscious of the aesthetics. Of course, the cost is a prime factor; still, it is a matter of personal preference, which varies from person to person.

Remember, you should always think about the pros/cons before making your decision. If still doubtful, you should search and visit the best dental clinic in Harrow and consult with the best available dentist.

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