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Are you experiencing extreme pain due to a cavity or a sick tooth? Or are you unhappy with recent tooth loss due to an injury or other oral problem? You should check out same day dental implants. This treatment is a fantastic way to restore natural white teeth and bring back that perfect smile on the same day of treatment. In recent years, same day dental implants have gained popularity among patients.

Unlike a traditional dental implant procedure, which can take a few weeks to a month to recover, same-day dental implants ensure you can recover and restore your smile within a few hours. Before undergoing a same day dental implant procedure, be sure you are eligible for treatment. More than this, does it effective or appropriate for you? To help you know, we’ve done extensive research and found out the key benefits and drawbacks.

About the Same Day Teeth Implants

The same day teeth implants, as its name suggests, is the easiest and most convenient way to restore a perfect smile within a short span of time. The gums begin to recede immediately near the implant in this dental implant procedure.

One of the biggest benefits is reducing frequent visits to your oral provider or dentist’s office. You can complete this in just one visit without waiting for new teeth.

In addition to achieving white teeth and a natural look, this helps prevent food debris from entering unlocked surgical wounds left after taking out. The patient’s bone and gums are also much less likely to move away, eliminating the likelihood of needing additional treatment later.

What are the Various Types of Same Day Mouth Implants?

Each dental implants have its own parameters and is designed according to the dental needs of the patients. Also, the recovery time and duration of the procedure can vary based on the kind of implant you are getting. Following is some of the major Same Day Mouth Implants types:

  • A single-tooth dental implant or crown
  • Full Arch dental implant


Same Day Dental Implants Procedure: A Step-By-Step Guide!

Typically, the implant can be performed in a single procedure on the same day. Depending on the number of teeth implanted, this can take about   30 minutes to three hours to complete. Even though healing takes place within a few hours, you will still need to take care after a dental implant. It takes time for the jaw and gums to heal. And complete treatment can be accomplished with Crown Implant.

Here is a guide that covers every single step of same day dental implants:

  • The procedure starts with a consultation. Your provider will check the sinuses’ location, each implant’s location, and the integrity of your jawbone. Note that not everyone is suitable for same-day mouth implants.
  • During the procedure, your dentist or provider gives you a sedative to make you comfortable. After this, the patient will be given an anaesthetic to prevent pain during the procedure. Extractions will also be done if needed.
  • Next, your mouth will be cleaned properly. Once this is done, the dental surgeon will make a hole in the bone where the dental implant will be placed. Later, the cut area will be stitched again.
  • Once the implant is placed, the dentist will fit the abutments to the new teeth.
  • In the case of an unstable implant, your provider will suggest leaving the abutment open to allow it to heal without damaging the bone beneath it. They may also suggest a temporary overdenture to fit over the new abutment.
  • These will be replaced in a few months instead of permanent caps.


Post Treatment Care Tips

  • After finishing the fitting work, it may take time to recover. You may experience minimal changes. After the same day implants surgery, oral hygiene and care are recommended. Ensure you floss your teeth and brush regularly as per your provider’s suggestion.
  • Don’t consume caffeine because it may stain your implanted teeth. Also, it is good to avoid smoking before and after the same day dental implants. The reason could be smoking can enhance the chances of dental implant process failure.
  • It is worth saying that same-day implants enable mouth and teeth to restore their natural appearance and function even faster. Still, following a good diet and avoiding hard foods is essential. This is because they may damage your implant treatment.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Same Day Implants

As opposed to traditional implants, the success rate for getting teeth in a day is higher. Let’s check the pros and cons of implants.

Pros of Same Day Implants

  • Successful results with a whitish, natural smile.
  • Quicker and easier recovering process for the gums.
  • Easier for the dental implant to blend into the mouth bone.
  • Single-day implant prevents bacteria from entering the extraction socket.


Cons of Same Day Implants

There are a few downsides you should know before undergoing one-day implants. These include:

  • Loss of marginal bone.
  • The maximum risk of failure than traditional dental implants.
  • Post-procedure discomfort.
  • Swelling in the face and gums.

Patients may experience pain, possible infection, slight bleeding, bruised skin, and gums, etc.

Who is Eligible for a Single Day Teeth Implant?

Note that not all dental patients are able for a single-day implant procedure. An individual has to fulfill certain requirements before considering this treatment.

Who can get One-Day Dental Treatment?

  • One who has good dental and general health
  • One who has an intact jawbone
  • One who doesn’t smoke or can quit smoking significantly before treatment begins.


Who can’t get a One-Day Dental Treatment?

  • Poor oral health and hygiene
  • Gum Disease or illness
  • Chronic disease
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Bruxism, etc.


Final Words

Same day dental implant is a convenient and fastest way to replace missing teeth. Moreover, they are budget-friendly as compared to other dental treatments. Due to this, you can expect to save a lot of money. Best of all, it stays for years with adequate care and hygiene. That’s it for this post!

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