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Miley isn’t just famous; she’s a powerhouse who has grown up right before our eyes, moving from a child star to an amazing adult singer. She is an American pop star and actor who is well-known for her iconic presence and she has always been in the spotlight not just for her musical and acting talent but also for her stunning smile. Her journey is inspiring, showing us that with a lot of talent and hard work, you can keep shining no matter how much time passes.  Over time, Miley Cyrus teeth have undergone major changes, resulting in the faultless, dazzling smile she flaunts now. Of all the dental treatments she underwent, dental veneers were particularly remarkable for her ability to enhance the appearance, evenness and whiteness of her smile.

About Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is a popular singer and actress from Franklin, Tennessee. Her birth name was Destiny Hope, but she changed it to Miley in 2008 as her dad used to nickname her “Smiley Miley” because she smiled a lot as a child.

Miley appeared in minor roles before becoming famous, including the TV show “Doc” with her dad and the film “Big Fish.” But in 2006, she got a big break when she was cast as the lead in the Disney show “Hannah Montana,” in which she played a character who was a normal girl during the day and a pop star at night. The show was very popular, and nearly everybody knew who Miley Cyrus was.

After “Hannah Montana,” Miley continued to act while simultaneously focusing on her music career, releasing albums demonstrating her ability to sing many different types of songs.  Her song “Flowers” has recently gained much popularity on social media, and she recently launched a new album called “Endless Summer.”

Miley Cyrus’ Age: How old is she?

Miley Cyrus was born in November 1992. In 2024, she will be 32 years old. Remember that she was just 13 when she starred in Hannah Montana. Her acting career began much earlier when she was under ten years old.

Miley Cyrus’ Dental Journey

Miley Cyrus’s Dental Journey

Miley Cyrus is widely known for her unique smile. When she initially started working at Disney, her teeth were small and crooked, and she had a lot of gum. Some people made fun of her teeth, such as Jamie Foxx, who joked about them in 2009.

Despite the jokes, Miley seems to be fine with the appearance of her teeth. She stated in an interview in 2009 that she liked her teeth the way they were, and her father did not want her to modify them either.

Miley’s teeth began to change over time, even though she had not had any substantial dental work done. With braces, dental veneers, and teeth whitening, she improved the brightness and visibility of her smile. She underwent a gum contouring treatment in 2007, which is when people first noticed a difference in her appearance when she smiled. Her teeth gradually became whiter as she grew older, most likely due to whitening procedures.

While Miley had one front tooth slightly ahead of the other when she was younger, her appearance significantly changed in 2015 when she had braces placed behind her teeth to replace her extracted wisdom teeth.  It’s been the talk of the town, Miley Cyrus teeth veneers, since the most noticeable change was in 2022 when her teeth appeared significantly larger, likely due to dental veneers.

Did Miley Cyrus Have Any Other Dental Treatment?

Miley Cyrus has undergone several dental treatments to improve the appearance of her smile, including braces, teeth whitening, veneers, and gum shaping.


Miley received lingual braces, which are placed on the back of the teeth so they are not visible from the outside. These braces helped straighten her teeth and make them appear great, not only for aesthetic reasons but also to keep her mouth healthy.

Teeth Whitening

Miley had her teeth whitened to improve the whiteness of her smile. Teeth whitening is accomplished with a unique treatment that employs a form of bleach which helps remove stains and make the teeth look whiter. This can be done with special kits at home or in a dentist’s office.


Miley got dental veneers in 2022, which are thin covers that are placed over the front of her teeth to improve their appearance. To make the teeth look attractive and more uniform, it can close tiny gaps, hide stains, or change the shape of the teeth.


Though it hasn’t been confirmed in public, there is speculation that she had cosmetic dental operations or dentures to modify her smile.

Gum Shaping

Miley also underwent treatment to improve the contour of her gums. This can be accomplished via surgery or less invasive methods. It is used to improve the appearance of the gums around the teeth, either by making them less visible when smiling or by making the teeth appear longer and nicer.

All these treatments helped Miley get her smile today, making her teeth look straight, white, and well-shaped.

Before and After Dental Transformation

Miley Cyrus Teeth Veneer Before After

Miley Cyrus veneers not only enhanced her appearance but also increased her confidence on and off stage. The treatment is well-known for its ability to give a natural-looking smile, robustness, and lifespan when done correctly. Her decision to have veneers serves as a reminder of the value of dental hygiene and aesthetics in the world of entertainment and beyond.


Her experience with dental veneers highlights the incredible potential of modern dentistry to transform smiles. Her journey underscores not just the aesthetic benefits of veneers but also the confidence and radiance they bring. Winning a Grammy Award with her veneer-enhanced smile, Miley Cyrus showcases how a confident smile can have a profound impact, encouraging others to consider how dental advancements can enhance not only their oral health but also their self-esteem and success.



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