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Katie Price, a former glamour model, has been in the spotlight for several reasons. One of them is her tooth. Her teeth started to get problematic after a skating injury when she was just ten years old. Her dental path since then has not always been smooth. Katie’s story is a captivating story that makes us reevaluate how we approach dental care decisions, from the initial appeal of cost reductions to unforeseen challenges and problems. Employing Katie Price teeth without veneers story, we will unearth crucial lessons enabling people to make informed choices regarding their oral health, guaranteeing a lifetime smile. This blog will explore Katie Price’s experiences to provide insightful analysis of the dentistry tourism industry.

About Katie Price

Katie Price, also referred to as Jordan, came to fame through her modelling career. She was featured in newspapers such as The Sun and magazines like Playboy. She chose the name “Jordan” because it seemed more appealing than “Katie.” Another reason was that her mother did not want anybody to know she was her daughter.

Katie Price, formerly Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Infield, changed her name after her mother married Paul Price. She is now known as Katie Price. She is a mother of five children and has explored reality TV, singing, and writing.

Katie Price’s Dental Journey: What Happened & When?

Katie Price Teeth Veneer

Katie Price developed dental problems as a result of a skating accident when she was 10 years old, requiring the installation of “crowns and veneers.” Notably, in 2017, she underwent dental treatments in Turkey, which resulted in problems due to an allergic reaction to antibiotics. Despite the pain and suffering, resulting in mouth ulcers and bruises, she was pleased with the outcome. These operations, including Katie Price veneers, highlighted the intricacies and possible challenges of getting dental care abroad.  In 2019, she went back to Turkey for more treatment alongside her then-boyfriend Kris Boyson.

In 2020, Katie made headlines again after visiting Turkey once more and posting a video of her dental operation on her YouTube channel. Viewers were astonished when she revealed her original teeth, which were reduced to stubs and one was even metallic. Katie stayed positive throughout the procedure, which also involved her boyfriend, Carl Woods, even though she was being compared to a Bond villain. Both underwent temporary discomfort to achieve their desired dental modifications but were ultimately pleased with the results.

Why Do Katie Price’s Natural Teeth Look Like That?

Katie Price Teeth Veneer

In Katie’s dental adventure, it is important to comprehend the distinction between veneers and crowns. In her video, she realises that the treatment she received (crowns) was different from Carl Woods’ (veneers). Veneers are thin shells that cover only the front of the teeth, whereas crowns are caps that encase the whole tooth. As a result, they require unique teeth-preparation techniques. Katie Price’s teeth appear that way because teeth are shaved down to fit the size of the cap for crowns. On the other hand, veneer preparation includes minimum enamel removal, resulting in a more natural appearance. So it didn’t seem essential for Carl Woods to have shaved so much of his teeth for veneers.

Possible Causes of Katie Price’s Post-Treatment Tooth Loss

After receiving her second crown treatment, Katie experienced an unexpected setback a few weeks later when two crowns (not veneers) fell out, prompting the trip back to Turkey. Several variables could have led to the problem. Potential causes include decay in the underlying teeth and insufficient dental structure for crown retention. It’s also possible that poor fitting or insufficient cement contributed. According to sources, Katie was disappointed that her “veneers” became “loose on the pegs.” Also, she has successfully made it to the list of gone-wrong celebrities with veneers.

What Surgeries Has Katie Price Undergone?

Katie Price, who is known for being open about cosmetic operations and facial aesthetics, has had several surgeries since 1998. These procedures include several breast augmentations and reductions, facelifts, lip enhancements, brow lifts, liposuction, and buttock lifts. Despite undergoing multiple operations, she has experienced difficulties like as infection and implant removal. Recent procedures in 2021 and 2022 included liposuction, brow lift, chin liposuction, and more lip improvements. In September 2023, she revealed a desire for fuller lips, marking the continuation of her cosmetic-enhancing journey.


Katie Price’s dental experience serves as a reminder of the value of making informed decisions in oral health care. Katie’s story sheds light on the complexities and possible hazards associated with dental care, ranging from her early dental difficulties to her experiences with cosmetic surgery enhancements and dental tourism. By learning from her experiences, individuals can make better-informed choices about their dental care, ensuring a lifetime of healthy smiles.


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