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Dentures Treatment

Natural looking teeth that you can remove at any time

Dentures are simply false teeth that can be removed. They enable you to enjoy the foods you love and have a healthy smile.

If all your upper and lower teeth need to be removed or are missing, a full denture will be fitted. If you only have one or a few teeth missing we will be able to offer you a partial denture.

During your consultation we will do a full assessment of your existing teeth, jaw and mouth. We will take an impression and take measurements to send off for your dentures to be made.

Once your dentures have arrived with us, this may take a week or two, you will have another appointment to fit your dentures and make sure you are happy with the look and feel of them.

We will go through aftercare and how to look after your dentures, this includes how best to keep your dentures in place while in your mouth.

For more information regarding dentures treatment give us a call, 020 4541 1150 and we will be more than happy to assist you in any way.

How Dentures Treatment Works

Your dentures will be made just for you. Firstly we will address if any further teeth need removing, if so we will schedule this in first.

Once your gums have healed fully from tooth removal we will use a putty to take an impression of your mouth and take measurements that factor in any existing teeth.

The putty and measurements will then be sent off to our denture dental technicians who will create your dentures to the exact size and shape needed.

Once your dentures are with us, we will arrange an appointment for you to come and have them fitted. During this process we will check if any adjustments are needed.

As part of your fitting we will talk through living with your dentures and care instructions to ensure they are kept in good condition.

Flexible Dentures

Denture Relining

The Benefits of Dentures Treatment

• If you have missing teeth, dentures are a great way to gain back your full smile.
• They can improve your everyday life by making eating easier.
• They can improve your speech so you can talk clearly and with confidence.
• By filling in gaps in your teeth they can prevent health issues such as tooth decay.
• They can improve and correct your bite.

How Much Do Invisalign Braces Cost?

Costs vary case by case and are dependent on the complexity of the alignment required. Factors that contribute to added costs are how well you stick to wearing your aligners. We do our best to ensure that the Invisalign treatment programme works for your budget, including offering flexible payment systems. After your initial consultation, we will be able to give you the exact amount.

We offer 0% interest free finance plans to help you spread the cost. Terms and conditions apply. Credit is subject to status and available to UK residents aged 18 and over. Affordability will also be assessed at the time of applying.


Invisalign Consultation

Find out if Invisalign is the right course of treatment for you.

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From £1750

Invisalign i7

For milder cases where only a small amount of alignment is needed. This is just seven aligners over the course of roughly 3 months.

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From £2750

Invisalign Lite

For mild to moderate cases, this treatment will take about seven months to perfect your smile.

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From £3300

Invisalign Full

For more complex alignment cases. This takes between 12-24 months, with visits to your dentist needed every 1-2 months to check on progress and order your next set of aligners.

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From £2000

Complete Smiles Clear Aligners (Full)

Revolutionary new offering at Complete Smiles. Introducing our very own Clear Aligners. Find out more by enquiring.

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Dentures FAQs

Our experts will take precise measurements of your teeth and jaw, so that your denture fits correctly without you having to worry about any difficulty in wearing it. Our ‘Cando Dent’ laboratory will transform our detailed measurements, using state of the art, cutting-edge technology in producing your dentures. This joint effort of the experts will make your denture look absolutely real. Usually, the dentures are made with acrylic resin, nylon or metal.

Initially, they will make you feel a little bit uncomfortable as your gums and jaws need to get used to your false teeth. Once you have got through this adjustment process, we will carry out another check, and if necessary, will reline the dentures to fit your gums. Because we take extra care in getting the precise measurements to fit the shape of your gums, the dentures should not hurt you.

It is as easy as brushing your own teeth, but be a bit gentler at the beginning, until you get used to it, to avoid any damage or non-alignment. It is a good practice to soak your dentures using denture cleaning tablets, as per their instructions to get rid of any residual food particles. This process will also help to avoid any staining of the denture.

Like every other part of your body, with age, gums and jaws also change shape. Hence, after 6 years, you need to reassess the situation and, if necessary, get a new denture made following the same process as previously.

Why Choose Us for Dentures

  • We're open 7 days a week with flexible opening hours
  • Highly qualified & patient-focused team with experienced dentist.
  • FREE internet access
  • Modern facilities with bespoke interior design
  • 0% interest-free finance plans available*
  • Spacious sitting area will put you at ease and is a great place to relax both before and after your dental treatment.
  • Over 940 Parking spaces at St Ann´s Car Park (£2.00 for 2 hours)
  • Non-judgemental diagnosis. We're not here to judge; all we want is to improve your oral health.

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