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: 02045411150 (Mon – Sat: 9am – 9pm / Sun: 9am – 7pm)


Looking for affordable dental care delivered by a highly qualified & patient focused team?

Choose Complete Smiles for your General Dentistry

A dental check-up is an important part of your health care. It helps you to be aware of your oral and overall health, it gives you the opportunity to talk about how well your teeth are functioning for you, and it provides a chance to discuss any concerns that may be bothering you.

At Complete Smiles we know that preventive care is the best way to maintain a healthy mouth and avoid serious problems further down the line. That’s why our General Dentistry check-up service is designed to check for underlying problems and advise you on your tooth care.

Our adult check-up will generally include the following services:
• Assessment of your overall health
• Take 2 radiographs (X-rays)
• Basic clean
• Evaluate your risk of tooth decay
• Examine for root caries
• Examine for gum disease (Periodontal disease)
• Examine your jaw and bite for problems
• Assess your need for restoration or tooth replacement, such as direct restorations (fillings, root canal) or indirect restorations (crowns, veneers, inlays) and solutions for missing teeth (dentures, bridges or implants)
• Oral (mouth) cancer check
• Evaluate your fluoride exposure (through hygiene products and diet)
• Create a treatment plan if needed

So whether you’re currently suffering with pain, have questions or concerns about your teeth, or simply need a check-up to maintain your oral health, our friendly and professional team are here to help.

Why Choose Us for General Dentistry 

  • We're open 7 days a week with flexible opening hours
  • Highly qualified & patient-focused team with experienced dentist.
  • FREE internet access
  • Modern facilities with bespoke interior design
  • 0% interest-free finance plans available*
  • Spacious sitting area will put you at ease and is a great place to relax both before and after your dental treatment.
  • Over 940 Parking spaces at St Ann´s Car Park (£2.00 for 2 hours)
  • Non-judgemental diagnosis. We're not here to judge; all we want is to improve your oral health.

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