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Crooked, protruding, or crowded teeth can make you feel self-conscious of your smile and can cause you problems with your bite.

With orthodontics we can align your teeth and correct your jaw to help with appearance and fix problems that you may have now, or could develop in the future without treatment. Braces can be fitted at any stage in life, although adults may feel more self-conscious about wearing them.

Here are Complete Smiles we offer options to best suit your needs, budget, and way of life.

Ceramic Braces:
They are also known as clear braces, orthodontic tools used to straighten teeth and fix bite problems. They consist of clear or tooth-coloured ceramic brackets attached to the surface of your teeth with similarly coloured wires and rubber bands, which provide more discretion. They offer faster results than Invisalign and are less visible than metal braces.

Metal/traditional braces:
Traditional braces are made of metal. They include brackets that are attached to the front of your teeth or bands that fit around each tooth, as well as flexible wires or arch wires that hold the brackets or bands together.

Metal is extraordinarily strong compared to other orthodontic treatment options. It can tackle the most severe cases of misaligned, crooked, spaced out, and crowded teeth. Especially advisable for kids & teenagers whose teeth are still developing. This is the fastest treatment for aligning your teeth.

Made from a patented SmartTrack material, Invisalign treatments are clinically proven to fix tooth movement more effectively than other clear aligners made from alternative materials.
Invisalign treatment is the process of wearing a series of clear, removable aligners that gradually straighten your teeth.

There are no brackets or wires and none of the restrictions that come with metal or ceramic braces. Although the treatment will take longer, the clear aligners are barely visible when you are wearing them and can be removed.

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How Do Orthodontic Braces Work?

Braces put pressure on your teeth to slowly move them over time and guide them into their new position. Every month or so, you will need to return to your dentist to get your braces tightened to keep the teeth moving into place (if you are using Invisalign this is done with a new aligner changed once a week or fortnightly). Following treatment you will need to wear a clear retainer to keep your teeth from moving. The time frame for this will vary from person to person.

Teeth Straightening

Tooth Movement

What Age Can Orthodontic Treatment Start?

Orthodontic treatment is usually started when a child is around 12 years old. This will depend on how many of their adult teeth have come through, and their face and jaw development. Adults can have braces at any age, but oral health is a factor. Due to braces making maintaining your oral health more difficult, it is important to have a good standard before you start to avoid risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

The Benefits of Orthodontic Braces

There are several benefits to wearing braces beyond the visual benefits of aligned teeth.
• Overcrowding and crooked teeth can be harder to maintain, by aligning teeth you can enjoy better dental hygiene and reduce the risk of gum disease and tooth decay.
• Misaligned teeth are one of the most common causes of jawbone erosion because the crooked teeth place more force on the teeth and gums, this means bacteria can hide in the gaps and reach the bone.
• By aligning the teeth and not having protruding or crooked teeth, you reduce the risk of damaging them.
• If your teeth are misaligned they could be causing you discomfort by rubbing on the inside of your mouth, aligning the teeth will stop this from happening.

Before After

The results from having your teeth aligned and straightened are quite wonderful. Your smile will look healthy and give you confidence.


Braces can take 6-36 months to achieve the perfect smile, depending on the extent of alignment needed. Following braces you will have to maintain good oral hygiene and wear a retainer (this can usually just be overnight) to keep your teeth in place.

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How Much Do Orthodontics Cost?

Metal braces cost will depend on the severity of your dental problem. Your dentist can talk you through your options and the best course of treatment for your needs. Whichever treatment you take, our team at Complete Smiles will ensure you receive the best care and treatment plan.

We offer 0% interest free finance plans to help you spread the cost. Talk to us to find out more.


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Recommended for younger patients, clear metal braces are the fastest form of treatment and most effective in severe cases.

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Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are an efficient and less visible method of aligning your teeth and help you to gain that beautiful smile.

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From £1750


Clear aligners that gradually move your teeth into place. Barely visible, your retainer can also be removed at any time. Depending on your needs will depend if Invisalign is right for you.

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From £2000

Complete Smiles Clear Aligners

Clear aligners that gradually move your teeth into place. Barely visible, your retainer can also be removed at any time. Depending on your needs will depend if this treatment is right for you.

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Orthodontic Treatment FAQs

Orthodontists are dentists that use braces to straighten teeth and improve the overall appearance. The treatment can also correct jaw position or function of crooked, badly positioned teeth by carrying out orthodontic treatments with help from an orthodontist.

Orthodontists have undergone at least three years of postgraduate study in orthodontics after graduating as a dentist and obtained further training from the Royal College of Surgeons. His or her name will appear on the specialist list, which gives them access to treat complex ortho problems with ease while also having an understanding for how it affects your overall treatment plan.

Orthodontic treatment for children often begins at around 7-8 years of age if they have dental problems involving the position and growth of their jaws. At 9 to 10, a child should see an orthodontist to check on how well their teeth are developing before deciding whether or not braces will be necessary. The most common time that kids get braces is after the permanent ones come in - this way it's easier to deal with both sets at once!

You can have orthodontics at any time of life.

Orthodontics is not only about a perfect smile. It can also improve your teeth's function and health, as well as the associated structures of your mouth like jaws or joints!

Sometimes, removing teeth is needed for the best orthodontic result. However, more and more people are taking advantage of newer advancements in technology that allow for better results without extractions.

Orthognathic surgery is a procedure that corrects the position of your jaw and improves the alignment between upper teeth and lower teeth.