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Dentures are an excellent way to improve your smile and are well worth the expense. They not only improve your appearance but also function just like natural teeth, making your life much easier. In the entertainment industry, people of various ages have opted for dentures to enhance their smiles even more.

What Exactly are Dentures?

Dentures are removable prosthetic teeth designed to replace missing natural teeth. They fit tightly over the gums, enhancing your smile by improving the appearance of your face, speech, ability to chew, and overall dental health. Dentures are made of numerous materials, each chosen for a specific purpose.

The Secret to Celebrity Dentures

A beautiful smile is a must, especially for famous people like Hollywood stars, where it needs to be flawless. As a result, many famous people have begun to wear dentures over the years. Whether in their thirties or sixties, some celebs must have their teeth replaced immediately, while others do so later in life.

Even though many top celebs today have picture-perfect smiles, it often requires a lot of effort from them or their dentists! Fortunately, nowadays, improving your smile is easier and safer, with a wide range of alternatives to suit different needs and budgets.

Some celebrities believe that cosmetic procedures like veneers are adequate to change their smiles, but others don’t think this is enough. And if you go back in time, you’ll see that there were far fewer options for dental restoration. Let’s explore some of the most famous individuals who have proudly worn a set of full dentures over the years.

Celebrities You Never Knew Wore Dentures

Many of these celebrities have undoubtedly opted for cosmetic dentistry to improve their smiles, even though it’s not always clear whether they have traditional dentures or more modern versions. Here’s a list of celebrities rumoured to have dentures:

Emma Watson

Emma Watson, best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, wore dentures as a kid during filming. During the series’ filming, she lost some prominent baby teeth, popularly known as milk teeth. So dentures kept Hermione’s appearance consistent, maintaining her iconic smile across all movies.
Emma Watson Dentures Before After

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman’s screen presence improved drastically after wearing dentures. Previously, dental issues made his smile less appealing, but after receiving dentures, it grew warmer, enhancing his approachability on screen.
Morgan Freeman Dentures Before After

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck, the star of numerous hit films, chose a full set of dentures at the age of 43, which he wore for many years before enhancing to expensive dental caps. This switch had a huge impact on his smile, highlighting the transformation that celebrities with dentures before and after can experience.Ben Affleck Dentures Before After

Clark Gable

Clark Gable received full-mouth dentures before the age of 32, after suffering from a severe gum infection. Considering the advances in dentures since the 1930s, Gable’s camera-ready smile was a testament to the early use of dentures among famous actors with dentures.
Clark Gable Dentures Before After

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Renowned actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, who has starred in several big-budget films, reportedly started wearing dentures at a young age to address her dental problems. Despite having braces, her teeth remained misaligned until dentures helped her achieve the flawless smile she’s famous for today.Catherine Zeta Jones Dentures Before After

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus, known for her vibrant personality and transformational career in the entertainment business, has sparked curiosity about her oral aesthetics. While it has not been proven publicly, there is speculation that she has had her smile altered with dentures or other cosmetic dentistry procedures.
Miley Cyrus Dentures Before After

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage’s perfect teeth are the result of extensive dental treatment, perhaps costly implants or a well-made pair of dentures, illustrating that not all superstars are born with perfect smiles.

Nicolas Cage Dentures Before After

Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson, after years of denial, was famously caught with her dentures falling out in public, revealing that she is one of the celebrities that have dentures,  and emphasising the pressure for flawless teeth in the spotlight.

Janice Dickinson Dentures Before After

This overview of celebrities with dentures before and after, including Emma Watson to Clark Gable, demonstrates the tremendous influence that dentures have had on perfecting Hollywood smiles and making them a common solution among celebrities with full dentures.


These dental prosthetics offer a practical solution for anyone wishing to enhance their smile, whether due to necessity or cosmetic preference. With advances in dental technology, getting a pair of dentures has become easier and safer, making it a popular choice not only among celebrities but also for anybody seeking to enhance their looks and oral health. This gallery of celebrity before and after dentures shows the incredible modifications that are achievable, proving that a flawless smile is within reach for everyone.

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