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Teeth Replacement Treatment

We can put the smile back on your face, our highly skilled prosthodontists are experts in complex dental and facial matters

We are proud at Complete Smiles to be able to restore your missing teeth using a team of specialised prosthodontists who can offer you the best treatment options for your needs.

A prosthodontist helps to treat:
• Oral cancer treatment and reconstruction.
• Aesthetic dentistry
Dental implants
• Fixed and removable dentures
• Replacing missing teeth
• Geriatric patients with special oral needs
• Snoring and sleep apnoea disorders.
• Congenital missing teeth or cleft palates.
• Treatment of temporomandibular joint syndrome/disorder (TMD)
• Traumatic injuries that affect the teeth and/ or jaw.

Here are some of the specialised treatments we offer here at Complete Smiles:

Reshaping your tooth
This includes filing your teeth or adding a certain bond to refill the gaps between your teeth.

Bridges and Implants
If one tooth is lost, then an implant can be an effective way to restore its function. If several teeth are missing, then it may be more cost effective to have a bridge instead.

A bridge is formed with one or more crowns joined together to create a single unit. This is fixed over two healthy teeth to cover the gap of the missing tooth. By creating a bridge, it helps ensure no missing teeth which in turn allows for one to eat properly without causing further dental complications.

Implants in recent time have grown in popularity and are now the go-to choice for many prosthodontists when looking at tooth function restoration. Implants are made of titanium bone posts and a false porcelain tooth.

Initially, the titanium post is fixed into your jawbone and once fused completely the false tooth is crowned on top of the tooth. The missing tooth from here on in is replaced for your lifetime!

If you are missing more than a few teeth, then dentures are the go-to solution.
Dentures are designed to look and feel real and comfortable. Some patients love dentures while some do not feel comfortable using them.

This solution is wonderful for people with a temporomandibular joint disorder. It reduces the pressure put on your joint thus relieving the pain.

Porcelain Veneers
These are made from ceramic material and are wafer-thin shells that bond to the front surfaces of the teeth. These veneers are used when needing to dramatically change the appearance of your teeth. A part of the enamel is removed, and a bond is applied on the tooth. Following on from this, a custom designed veneer is fixed onto the tooth. Functionality wise, veneers are typically used to cover gaps between teeth.

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Advice from Dr Malavi

If you have a missing tooth that needs replacement, then a regular general dental practice is not who you visit. Only a prosthodontist can help you replace this tooth.

We are proud at Complete Smiles to help you restore your missing tooth using a team of specialised dentists, using the best materials and state-of-the-art equipment.


Missing Tooth Options

Missing Teeth Options

Chipped Tooth Options

Who's involved with a Prosthodontist?

In certain cases, a dental team is pivotal when it comes to recreating and restoring your Jaw and Tooth function.
A team usually consists of a dental surgeon, a prosthodontist, a dental technician, and an assistant. A dental laboratory with highly skilled technicians is fundamental for the work of a prosthodontist, as they recreate the damaged tooth using durable, high-tech material.

The tooth/teeth are prepared by the prosthodontist creating a dental impression that is then sent to the dental laboratory with details about the condition, age, colour, shape, size, location and other parameters. The dental technician will then use his/her expertise to produce the desired tooth depending on the provided details. The fabricated tooth is then sent back to the prosthodontist, who will then complete restoration on the patient.
Without a highly skilled lab, their work will come out incomplete, uncomfortable, messy and the mission towards a complete smile will be made difficult! At Complete Smiles, we only use a certified, award winning laboratory. To find out more information please contact us now.

What to expect from Complete Smiles

During your first consultation with the prosthodontist, you should observe to see the friendliness of the medical team, the cleanliness of the practice and the equipment available.

Here at Complete Smiles, we use state of the art technology that we are constantly updating.

Our prosthodontist specialists have years of experience through clinical and educational training and are pioneers within the field. If you would like to know more information, feel free to contact us.

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Missing teeth can leave you feeling self-conscious, our prosthodontists can offer you teeth replacement options that will put the smile back on your face.

Replacement of Missing Teeth

Choosing a prosthodontist is not an easy task and should not be taken lightly. It requires research with many criteria that should be investigated including; expertise, training, education, and certificates of the prosthodontist.

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How Much Does Teeth Replacement Cost?

Whether you’ve lost your tooth/teeth through damage, injury, gum disease, or tooth decay, we can find the best solution to replace your missing teeth and give you back your full smile. For treatments over £500, you may be able to take advantage of our 0% finance plans to help you spread costs. Terms and conditions apply.

From £700

Dentures - Acrylic (per arch)

Acrylic dentures are moulded to your gum shape and are held in place via a good, well-formed fit. Acrylic offers a natural look and are hard wearing. Per arch means a set for either upper or lower teeth.

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From £495

Bridge (per unit) - bonded to semi-precious metal

An effective way to restore gaps from missing teeth, fixed in place unlike dentures. Dental bridge front teeth treatment is necessary to restore a lost front tooth and prevent the remaining teeth from shifting.

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From £1995

Implant tooth replacement (includes implant, screw + crown)

When you need to replace a missing or extracted tooth, a dental implant can transform your smile.

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Spread the cost of your treatment

The wait for your treatment is over. Start your treatment immediately with a payment option, tailored to your needs.

Why Choose Us for Permanent Teeth Replacement

  • We're open 7 days a week with flexible opening hours
  • Highly qualified & patient-focused team with experienced dentist.
  • FREE internet access
  • Modern facilities with bespoke interior design
  • 0% interest-free finance plans available*
  • Spacious sitting area will put you at ease and is a great place to relax both before and after your dental treatment.
  • Over 940 Parking spaces at St Ann´s Car Park (£2.00 for 2 hours)
  • Non-judgemental diagnosis. We're not here to judge; all we want is to improve your oral health.

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Teeth Replacement FAQs

It is a speciality within dentistry that focuses on replacing missing teeth or restoring its function. It requires a specialised dentist also referred to as a prosthodontist who works solely on caring for patients in restoring their teeth’s function and appearance or have jaw problems.

They provide specialised care for your tooth especially if it is missing and needs a replacement like a bridge, or if its function is compromised due to tooth decay and requires a crown or even a tooth implant. They ensure when fixing the problem, it restores its function while maintain a natural and aesthetically normal appearance.

Prosthodontics requires specialised training for at least 3 years upon completing a bachelor’s degree in Dentistry. This is typically followed by a master’s degree in this sub speciality.

Some of the most common problems concerning Prosthodontics revolve around missing teeth and function due to tooth decay or gingivitis or other oral problems. The problem could be solved by reshaping your tooth, installing bridges, crowns, dentures, implants or veneers. It also helps with snoring, cleft palate and sleep apnoea. They are also deal with dental injuries caused by trauma or accidents.