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Composite teeth filling remains one of the most common and popular cosmetic dentistry treatments. They are quite effective in repairing the damage caused due to ageing, tooth decay, cavities or trauma. The primary reason for the popularity of resin filling is its closer resemblance to the colour of natural teeth. This makes it an ideal choice for filling the cavities in the back as well as the front teeth. There are several such reasons that make dental composite filling worth considering in the case of teeth damage. In this article, we will discuss seven of the most noteworthy ones.


Understanding Dental Composite Fillings

Composite dental fillings are a type of synthetic resin mixed with fillers such as quartz and other agents. These tooth-coloured resins are good enough to restore functionality, integrity, morphology and tooth structure.

During the treatment, the dentist first removes the decayed portion of the tooth and then fills up the resulting hollow portion with the tooth fillings. They are also useful in repairing and restoring a chipped or cracked tooth.


Benefits of Using Composite Dental Filling

Dentists and individuals often prefer composite resin fillings for a myriad of reasons.


Requires Lesser Drilling Than Other Types of Fillings

Composite teeth filling, unlike amalgam fillings, do not require removing a significant portion of your natural tooth to place the filling. Removing just the decayed portions is usually enough. As a result, it does not affect the overall strength of the tooth structure. In fact, once the cosmetic filling has bonded to the natural tooth, it makes the tooth stronger overall.


Bonds to Your Natural Tooth

Unlike their metal counterparts, composite fillings bond well with your existing tooth. They are applied in a molten state and bond micro-mechanically to the structures of your teeth. This way, it can provide weak or chipped teeth with mechanical support. This is a major benefit of composite resins over amalgam fillings.


Hardens Very Quickly

Once the filling is in place, dentists often use a special type of light and position it over the filling. This light reduces the time it takes for the bonding agent to harden. This technique is specific to composite resins only. Usually, it takes less than a minute for the filling to get completely cured and hardened.


Versatile Enough to Fix Cracks and Chips

Composite teeth filling offers substantial versatility. As well as covering up dental gaps and filling hollow cavities, it can also fix cracks and chips in your teeth. It becomes an ideal choice owing to its quick bonding, durability and tooth-coloured appearance. Moreover, to give your teeth a whiter appearance, your dentists can even use them to create resin veneers.


Lesser Chances of Tooth Sensitivity

Another major benefit of composite dental fillings is that it helps insulate the teeth against cold and hot temperatures. As a result, they lead to fewer instances of tooth sensitivity as compared to amalgam fillings. However, immediately after the completion of the procedure, it is common to experience mild tooth sensitivity.


Are Repairable

Dental composite fillings are relatively easier to repair if they begin to degrade. If your dentist finds that the structure of the filling is degrading or there is accidental damage to the filling due to teeth grinding or excessive chewing, they can clean the area and repair it rather easily.


Can Replace Your Old Amalgam Fillings

Dentists generally prefer composite resins over amalgam fillings because they do not contain any mercury. Because of the presence of mercury in amalgam fillings, they pose the risk of long-term health problems as mercury off-gases over time. So if you have amalgam fillings and are worried about the potential health risks, your dentist can replace them with composite fillings and remove the harmful mercury from inside your mouth. Moreover, they make your teeth appear brighter.


Are There Any Downcomings of Composite Fillings?

Composite teeth fillings may be less durable than their metal counterparts, especially in the case of larger cavities. Placing a composite filling on the tooth requires greater precision, expertise and time. You may also need to visit your dentist more than once if the resins are used for inlays and onlays.

Though minor disadvantages exist, the advantages clearly them. So when it comes to dental fillings, composite resins are still the most preferable option.


Dental Composite Fillings at Complete Smile

Dental amalgams may be more cost-effective, but they do not match the aesthetic appeal of composite fillings. Moreover, it is difficult to overlook the health risks they pose. Additionally, composite resins are less invasive, and they can be just as sturdy when treated with enough care.

If you’re considering composite filling to fix your damaged or broken teeth, our team of dentists and clinicians are trained and experienced enough to incorporate painless filling. Get in touch with us right away to arrange a meeting.

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