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Choosing dental implants seems like a big decision, especially considering their cost. Still your dentist will suggest getting dental implants instead of choosing dentures or any other option. This is because dental implants mimic the tooth structure and integrate with the bone – as a result, they act, look, and feel like a real tooth.

Here are seven lesser-known facts about dental implants that will convince you to choose them over other similar options.

Need to Know Facts Before Getting Dental Implants

They Help Preserve the Face Contour

With no teeth or dentures, the face shape changes because they provide a support structure for the teeth. A professional dentist in Harrow can place dental implants which will restore the mouth structure that prevents sagging.

Dental Implants Last a Lifetime

The dental implants are structured in a manner that once they integrate with the bone, they will stick with it for a lifetime. Plus, the crown is connected to the metal titanium plate, and with time, the bone starts to grow around the crown, giving them better support.

Restores the Natural Speech

Missing teeth can impact your speech. Treatments like dentures can restore speech, but not bring it back to its natural level. Dental implants, on the other hand, feel and work like actual teeth. As a result, you will be able to speak naturally and easily.

Maintenance and Caretaking 

The maintenance routine of implants needs to be the same as you follow for the natural teeth. This is because they look and function like real teeth. Regular brushing & flossing, at least twice a day, is essential. You can also use oral irrigators for high-impact cleaning.

Infections Can Happen but No Cavities

Even though your dentist in Harrow will use antiseptics and other methods to prevent infections, there is no guarantee they won’t happen. Even though infections can happen, you won’t have to worry about getting cavities. Because the material used to build dental implants cannot decay.

Smokers Need More Time and Effort

Dental implants will take more time to settle if you are a regular smoker. Your mouth will take more time to heal as consistent smoking thwarts the healing process.

Insurance Won’t Cover Implants

Don’t expect your insurance to pay for your dental implants. As a result, you need to bear all the costs. However, you can visit and ask our dental clinic in Harrow for advice on 0% interest free payment plans to spread the costs of treatment.


Getting dental implants means serious business. Not everyone is eligible or suitable. Always consult the best dentist in Harrow to get a clear picture, and be assured about your eligibility for dental implants.

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