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1. Results are Faster than Metal Braces

One of the great things about Invisalign is that it doesn’t take long to see results. In fact, most people see them after a couple of months.
The treatment comes with a pre-arranged set of clear trays that you wear. You change them every 2 weeks into a new set of aligners that help bring your new smile into position.

Dr.Siva will tell you exactly how many trays you’ll need for your procedure and exactly how short of time you’ll need to complete your treatment.

2. Remember to Clean Your Aligners

This is such a big tip for anyone considering Invisalign treatment. As well as looking after your teeth, you should also look after your aligners. They need to be cleaned every day, just like your teeth. Cleaning them is so easy, you just use your toothbrush and clean them with some toothpaste.

Dr. Siva suggests you do this every morning and evening while giving them a quick rinse whenever you take them off during the day. You will also get full cleaning instructions when you first get your Invisalign.

3. Invisalign can Help Whiten Your Teeth

The main aim of Invisalign is purely to help realign your teeth and get your smile looking straighter. But, as a happy side effect, it can also help whiten your teeth. This goes back to what we said about Invisalign keeping things on your teeth. Well, if you brush with whitening toothpaste, all the whitening agents will stick to your teeth and not get washed off thanks to Invisalign.

Following on from this, it can also help protect your teeth from cavities too. Again, this is because the fluoride in the toothpaste will stick to your teeth and not get diluted down from drinking water.

4. You can Get Attachments to Speed Up Your Results

Sometimes, you may be given attachments that can help speed up the results. These are commonly referred to as Invisalign buttons. They’re not for everyone

Essentially, they’re little things that are attached to a tooth and the Invisalign tray. The aim is that it helps speed up the movement of that particular tooth to get it in line with the rest a lot quicker. They don’t stand out, no one will notice them, and they can help you see quicker results.

5. Adjustments May Be Made to Your Teeth

Finally, it’s worth noting that some minor adjustments may be made to your teeth before your orthodontics treatment. Again, this will all be discussed at your consultation. If your teeth are too big, they can get filed down slightly so they can fit in a tray with the rest of your teeth.

Don’t panic, this isn’t a painful procedure at all, and it will only help you get more from your treatment and have a better-looking smile.

6. There’s No Age Limit for Invisalign

Some people think that there’s an age limit with Invisalign treatment. However, there’s no evidence to suggest this is true. People of all ages can enjoy the benefits of Invisalign.

Dr. Siva specializes in treating all patients with the best benefits & High standard results, you will be taken care of when you decide to come in.

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