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Whilst looking for a dentist in Harrow you may have come across terms like Clear Aligners, Invisalign, etc. All of these are components dentists use to correct teeth issues including misalignment.

Clear Aligner Therapy (CAT) is one of the ways to correct misalignment. Clean Aligners and Invisalign are attached to your teeth until they take their natural shape. The process may be slow, but it is very effective.

Even though the purpose of clear aligners and Invisalign are the same, there are some fundamental differences between them. No matter how convincing your friend might be in saying that Invisalign and other clear aligners on the market are the same, your dentist in Harrow would beg to differ, and here’s why.


Invisalign is Almost Invisible

The Invisalign trays are ultra-clear and smooth. It is difficult to tell whether you are wearing Invisalign because they are closer in appearance and shape to real teeth than any other type of aligner.

On the other hand, the miscellaneous clear aligners available on the market are also meant to be invisible, but their shape and structure make them stand out a little more.


Results are More Accurate

With Invisalign, you will get better and more accurate results, and this is something your family dentist in Harrow will confirm. Invisalign aligners are designed and built with the help of software.

Due to this, they are more effective and predictable in terms of the outcome. Using the software, the dentist can provide better-targeted treatment.


Compatible with Other Treatments

Invisalign treatment is compatible with other types of treatments administered by the dentist to provide the best possible solution for your dental issues.

Using Invisalign, you don’t have to worry about using any other sort of medication or getting another treatment. This is because of the sophisticated and well-researched creation of Invisalign that takes care of additional treatments if the need arises.

The same may or may not be possible with clear aligners. It’s not that the clear aligners are made from third-grade material, no. They are also backed by innovative research and some patented material technologies, but it’s not as sophisticated as Invisalign.


Complex Mouth Movements

Compared to other clear aligners, Invisalign is smoother and easygoing. They settle in well and fit properly. As a result, complex mouth movements with Invisalign tucked in are more comfortable than any other component used to treat misaligned teeth.



Invisalign and clear aligners are notably different even though they are used for the same purpose. The slightly higher cost of Invisalign is justifiable, with the process from start to finish a much more personal one with results and customisation a much more fitting one.

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