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Celebrities have long been known for their perfect teeth, from dazzling Hollywood smiles to million-dollar grins. But did you know that many of these stars have relied on dental implants, bridges, and veneers to achieve their sparkling smiles?

From dramatic transformations to subtle touch-ups, these celebrities prove that a trip to the dentist can work wonders for your confidence and appearance. From music icons to A-list actors, we have compiled a list of 10 celebrities who have undergone dental work to enhance their teeth. Let’s begin!


10 Famous Celebrities with Dental Implants

1. Mike Tyson

Given Mike Tyson’s explosive career in giving and receiving punches on stage, it is not surprising that he has had to visit his dentist. Not once, but many times. Surprisingly, one of his major accidents happened off-stage when he got smacked playfully by his pet tiger, Kenya. As a result, he needed dental implants.

2. Ed Helms

We all remember the famous scene in ‘The Hangover’, where Ed Helms wakes up in a stupor and a hangover one morning after an endless night of partying. It takes the character a minute to realise that he has lost a front tooth.

However, the tooth never developed in reality. He received a dental implant for it, which he simply removed while filming the movie. When he is not filming the movie, he simply screws it back on with the help of his dentist.

3. Gary Busey

One of the most adored performers in the entertainment business, Gary Busey is known for his boisterous character and vibrant personality.

The actor was involved in a motorbike accident in 1988, which resulted in serious facial and dental injuries. This resulted in him requiring immediate dental attention. A surgery and a tooth replacement later, Gary was able to reclaim his charm once again.

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4. Nicolas Cage

Some actors love their job so much that they take the roles they are preparing for very seriously. Nicolas Cage removed two of his teeth without anaesthesia to prepare for a certain role in a movie, which surprised everyone! He required dental veneers, implants, and other cosmetic procedures to restore his teeth and smile.

5. Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey was bullied at school, which led to his breaking a tooth. Even though he got it repaired from extensive dental work, he had to undo it for a role in one of his movies, many years later. After the movie, he underwent dental repairs once again to return his teeth and smile to normal.

6. Ben Affleck

Any actor who plays Batman needs to have a fantastic set of teeth since the only body parts that are visible outside of the renowned Batsuit are the lips and chin. However, Ben Affleck did not always have such a great set of teeth. In actuality, the actor had faced criticism for his teeth in 1997. His smile is now perfect, thanks to a dentist and dental crowns.

7. George Clooney

If there was ever a perfect illustration of how imperfect even famous people can be and how we could all use some assistance in maintaining beautiful teeth, it would be George Clooney.

One of Hollywood’s “golden boys,” Clooney is a classic example of a celebrity and another performer who has mastered various roles over the years. Clooney had a dangerous habit of grinding his teeth, despite his extraordinary success. As a result, he suffered dental damage and had to receive dental veneers to recover from it.

8. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has garnered global attention from her days as Hannah Montanna. She had mismatched teeth as a youngster, which appeared cute at the time. But as she grew older, she made the decision to alter her appearance and manner.

She had several cosmetic dental treatments to get the current appearance she desired and intended to alter the structure of her teeth. Thanks to cosmetic surgery, her teeth are now white, straight, and spaced evenly.

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9. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise had misaligned teeth in his younger days. He likewise had to get his misaligned teeth corrected when he was just starting out in his profession in order to seize better prospects for himself. A few cosmetic surgeries later, he now has the multi-million-dollar smile we all love today!

10. Celine Dion

In the earlier days, Celine Dion had crooked and uneven teeth. As she progressed up the ladder with her success in music, she felt uncomfortable with her teeth. She made the decision to have cosmetic dental surgery done to straighten up her teeth, and the results are quite noticeable.

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Top 3 Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

1. Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are light, durable covers that attach to the front of the teeth. They are made of medical-grade ceramic and hide a variety of visual imperfections, such as discoloured teeth, chips, and cracks.

2. Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are artificial teeth that are secured in place by the surrounding teeth of your missing tooth. Typically, they are created from materials like porcelain or acrylic to match the colour of your actual teeth. They can act as a partial or full denture.

3. Dental Implants

Dental implants are synthetic tooth roots that are often constructed of titanium. A crown or bridge that is screwed into your jawbone holds them in place.



Even famous people with million-dollar grins and pristine teeth occasionally require dental care. It occasionally requires a little assistance from a dentist to set things right, whether it be with veneers, implants, or any other type of cosmetic surgery. Complete Smiles provides a variety of minor and extensive dental treatments. Contact us here if you need an appointment and we shall help you immediately.

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